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Bestsellers of Tomorrow

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Bestsellers of Tomorrow
2005 W Is for Wasted (Sue Grafton) 2007 Let’s Face It, I Could Type My Name Ten Thousand Times in a Row and You Idiots Would Make It a Bestseller (Stephen King) 2009 Iacocca: 25th Anniversary Edition (Lee Iacocca) 2014 Up-Standing Citizen: My Medical Miracle (Christopher Reeve) 2015 Still Me, Again: Platform Diving as a Hobby (Christopher Reeve) 2017 X Is for X, Like an X Carved into Somebody’s Forehead, or Something Like That, Whatever (Sue Grafton) 2018 King King King King King (Stephen King) 2020 The Lion at the Break of Night (Ernest Hemingway, edited by the family of Ernest Hemingway, derived from his correspondence with his grocer regarding poultry orders, with additional content by Nora Roberts) 2021 Wasn’t I Supposed To Be Dead by Now? (Strom Thurmond) 2022 King King King King King 2: The King of the King King King (Stephen King) 2024 Guelph, an Ancient Welsh Letter Used To Emphasize Rank, Is for the Welsh Word Guelpheron, Which Refers to a Method of Preparing Ham (Sue Grafton) 2026 Garfield Strikes It Rich (Jim Davis) 2028 It’s Not Too Late To Make Your Internet Fortune! (Joy Tratisch) 2030 We Should Have Seen It Coming: The Terrible Crash of ‘29 (Kenneth A. Lavage) 2032 Look at All My Pretty Rocks! A Memoir by the Richest Man in America (Joe, The Guy With All The Rocks) 2034 Iacocca: 50th Anniversary Edition (Lee Iacocca) 2038 Food! Why We Love It, How To Find It (Randy L. Hileman) 2039 Photographs of Food Calendar 2039 (The Editors of Photographs of Food Magazine) 2043 Garfield: Emaciated and Lovin’ It (Jim Davis) 2044 Please Kill Me (Strom Thurmond) 2049 Harry Potter and the Mature Women’s Guide to Estrogen Replacement Therapy (J.K. Rowling) 2051 Rebirth in 2062: The Coming of the Ebbings-Mills Comet (Lara M. O. Hollihan) 2056 Case Closed: New Age Claptrap and the Ebbings-Mills Comet (Prof. G. Torkett Thompson) 2061 Salvation from the Sky: Proof of Intelligent Life Traveling in the Ebbings-Mills Comet (Lara M. O. Hollihan) 2063 (Year 1 O.E.) The Final Negotiated Terms of Your Enslavement (BKai and RaTon, a.k.a The Aliens from the Ebbings-Mills Comet, a.k.a The Owners) 2065 (Year 3 O.E.) Agricultural Productivity for the Enslaved (The Owners) 2067 (Year 5 O.E.) Slave or Food? What Color Is Your Parachute, 16th Edition (The Owners) 2070 (Year 8 O.E.) Chicken Soup for the Owned Soul: How To Discover and Denounce Your Traitor Parents (The Owners) 2072 (Year 10 O.E.) In Celebration of Our Defeat of the Rebel Forces, We Reward You with a Specially-Commissioned Picture Book of a Cat Eating and Complaining (The Owners, with Jim Davis) 2076 (Year 14 O.E.) The Evils of Trisomal Penicillin and Why You Must Avoid It (The Owners) 2078 (Year 16 O.E.) Forget We Ever Mentioned Trisomal Penicillin (The Owners) 2080 Owned by No One: How I Used Trisomal Penicillin To Defeat the Owners (Herman A. Takota) 2082 A Charge To Keep (Herman A. Takota) 2084 The New Constitution of the United States of Planet Earth (World President Herman A. Takota) 2089 Bring Back the Owners (George Will IV) 2091 This Was Our Year! (The 2091 Chicago Cubs) 2093 Having Our Say: Life at 107 (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen)
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Entered on: 11/24/2007
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