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Editors Speak out about Authors

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Editors Speak out about Authors
GRIPES FROM EDITORS ABOUT AUTHORS: It bothers me when they use pronouns that don't refer to anything. The author should know to never split infinitives. Ending sentences with prepositions is something with which I will not put up. No fragments! Because they're always leaving sentences incomplete. Sometimes when the authors start a sentence and they launch into all sorts of subordinate clauses, which is fine if it's a fairly short sentence, but if it's not, then it starts looking more and more like a run-on, to coin an English term, that really gets to me sometimes. Especially when the next one's short. The author shouldn't unnecessarily repeat redundancies over again. The authors exaggerate everything! Overall, it's too general. ACTUAL QUOTES FROM TEXTBOOKS: Affluence is an Aphrodisiac. Government is a burden on the people. (You are a burden on the people.) Alienation produces eccentrics or revolutionaries. Love is Blind. Love is Myopic. Romantic love was invented to manipulate women. Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. Any surplus is immoral. Impiety is its own reward.
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Entered on: 03/26/1998
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