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Here's one of those weird test/puzzles that you see on the Internet all the time... Except this one actually works!! Try it: 1. Get a pen and paper. 2. Write the numbers one through six, leaving some space between the numbers. 3. Next to number one, write any number... 4. Next to number two, write the name of anyone to which you are really attracted... 5. Next to three, write down the first color you can think of... 6. Next to number four, write the name of your first pet.... 7. Next to number five and six write down the name of a family member... Remember...no cheating..... Keep scrolling down........ Don't cheat, or you'll be upset....... Here's the answers.... The number next to number one show how many times you should be smashed over the head with a baseball hat for thinking that stupid e-mails like this actually mean anything.... The person named next to number two is someone who will never sleep with you because you're stupid enough to waste your time on something like this.... The color you picked means nothing. It's a friggin' color for Chrissake... Number four gives you the name of a dead animal.... Numbers five and six represent family members who are embarrassed to be related to you..... Pass this on to everyone you know, so they can feel like a schmuck too.
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Entered on: 12/17/1998
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