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The good ole days ... thinking nostalgic ...

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The good ole days ... thinking nostalgic ...
The years of fun have passed us by, Like all things in life, we can't ask why. To grammar and high school, and college we went, Without ever thinking of what it all meant. The days and the nights spent surrounded by friends, We never really thought that those times would end. We talked about school and how we wished we were done, But we never stopped to think that we'd miss all the fun. Waking up at noon, with nothing to do, Skipping a class because you were out until two. Going to the bars and not having to drive, Getting up the next morning, barely alive. Starting debates on all sorts of things, Frat parties, keg-stands, and meaningless flings. Coming back from class and taking a nap, Going to class in a baseball cap. These are the things we forgot we would miss, We never knew life would turn out like this. Now it is work, five days in a row, We drink less beer, we drink more joe. We come home at night, yearning to rest, For come the next day we must be thinking our best. We worry about stupid things and we're always on the run, Since when should a job rob us of fun? There are seven days in a week, not just two, So lets stop acting like we have so much to do. Every night should be fun, every day embraced, Lets all stop this ridiculous race. "Life is too short", we've all heard it said, "The best years have passed" is ingrained in our heads. Jobs come and go, friends will always be here, So grab a couple of old ones and go get a beer.
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Entered on: 10/14/1998
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