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The Impeachment Process

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The Impeachment Process
Explain, in one or two sentences, how the impeachment process works. Check your party affiliation - if it matches that of the defendant, vote "no," else vote "yes." (Expressml) It's like impalement, only with soft fuzzy fruit. (JNelson884) A large group of adulterers, campaign finance burglars and professional liars gang up on one of their own. (Mpabrklyn) Sorry, but if you want that impeachment process with a flaky crust, it will take more than one or two sentences. (TwoDocs) First, you wrap up all your shameful crimes, a copy of your oath of office, and your pride in a Kleenex, and stick it under your pillow. Then the Impeachment Fairy comes and takes it away, and leaves you a big fat book deal. (LeopardFur) Y'know how they make scrapple? Well, scrapple makers have nightmares about the impeachment process. (PO2L) I don't know. But have you ever had that dream where you are standing on top of a pyramid, dressed in the robes of the sun god, while millions of naked women throw tiny pickles at you? (DMetz15) The CEO's of CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN decide a Presidential scandal will boost ratings, and tell Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor to find one. After several months, but before the start of the new Fall TV season, the Special Prosecutor delivers his report to Congress, and depending on the results of intense focus group polling of select marketing demographic samples, the President either resigns immediately, or the investigation begins a new phase in the House of Representatives which will terminate in the President's favor unless marketing data indicates that a further continuation in the Senate will support good ratings. (Char1997)
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Entered on: 09/24/1998
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