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Honeycomb Hideout

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Honeycomb Hideout
Dear member, Here are the details of the next critically acclaimed inquisition of the Bees Prehistorica. It is to take place before the creation of invisable sex organs. The holy priests of the Bees Prehistorica are coming from the past to reclaim their status as the high race and curators of romantic tension (otherwise known as frantic exfoliation) on this planet. It is our duty to welcome them without using profane language or relaxed intensity violence (be sure to be wearing shoes because these bees do not have wings or legs. They stumbled upon an splendid way to move across the surface of the ground in a gyrating motion on top of levitating springs. If you happen to step on one, you will either be shot into space faster than the light of speed ((which is an expensive ticket!)) or you will be fatally stung. A sting from one of these bees will turn you into a liquidized version of meatloaf ((the food, not the famous person!)) and you might also contract the disease known as Spongeitis which could cause you to implode or burp within seconds). Therefore, extreme caution must not be your second choice. Be on alert. Do not let alert be on you. Good luck! Head of indulgence Dimbol Kaheristna adiemeh@sirius.com **************** ************** ************ ********** ******** ****** **** *** ** * Did you know that scientists now believe that we wouldn't have flowers if it weren't for the bees? They found fossils of bees that dated before flowers existed and it was because of the bee's instinct to pollinate (survive) that flowers began to appear on the earth. Talk about nature working together........ Next time you see a flower you know who to thank. (Me, for letting you know)
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Entered on: 08/28/1998
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