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The Top 12 Questions Ken Starr Has for the President

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The Top 12 Questions Ken Starr Has for the President
12. "Let's speed this up--who *haven't* you nailed?" 11. "Aha! So you admit you've had sex!!!! What's it like? Is it fun?" 10. "And the situation in Bosnia didn't distract you from the booty call?" 9. "Can I have some of those fries?" 8. "Do you admit my getting Dan Rather to talk about your semen was pretty cool?" 7. "Would you *please* stop winking at the court reporter?!" 6. "Mr. President, how does it feel to be on the receiving end of a probe for a change?" 5. "Would you, could you in a boat? Have you, did you with a goat?" 4. "Okay, exhibit 25-A is yet *ANOTHER* ink blot. Now, does THIS one remind you of anything besides a beret?" 3. "Is it just my imagination, or are all of the women you know butt-ugly?" 2. "Are you now, or have you ever been, in a non-erect state?" and Top X's Number 1 Question Ken Starr Has for the President... 1. "Mr. President, did you bring any pants with you?"
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Entered on: 08/20/1998
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