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Chipp Molar - Private Eyetooth

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Chipp Molar - Private Eyetooth
Brush no one. Chipp paused amid the charred ruins of what had been the O'Brien house. They were a well to do family of Irish buddists that had recently moved to Washington is search of religious persecution. It was, after all, the American way. "Strange", thought Chipp as his foot found the still smouldering colostomy bag. None of the O'Briens were known to have this type of medical problem. It had to belong to the arsonist. He must have left it behind after starting the blaze. "Skully, I've got a clue about the flamer we're after.", he said into the cellular phone. "We want someone who doesn't have a colon." "Molar", came Skully's tired reply, "It wasn't arson. Mrs. O'Brien started the fire in the kitchen making Irish nachos. The tortillas and the whiskey turned the whole house into an inferno." Skully's bloodshot eyes turned toward the alarm clock. An irritating 3:21 AM was lit. "Molar, why must you aways call me at this time of the morning to discuss some worthless theory of yours ?" Chipp paused taken back somewhat by Skully's irritable mood. "Skully, we'll never solve the mystery of their deaths unless we follow up on every clue." "They're not dead Molar. They are staying at the Holiday Inn at Rockville." Skully had just about had enough of Chipp for one night. "What about this clue, Skully ? Can you ignore that ? A sure sign that other forces were involved here." Chipp listened for Skully's reply. A brief 'click' followed by a recording told him Skully had declined ay further comment. Chipp wandered back to his car and casually threw the bag into the back seat. He'd drive to the office now and leave this on Skully's desk. She'd have much more to say after having seen it. Thirty miles away someone picks up, a bic lighter, two books of matches a can of 'Pam', and a colostomy bag. A family of born again jews were waiting for him, to make the pretty lights. Orange, red, and sometimes blue or green dancing lights would come. Then he could set the bag on fire.
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Entered on: 07/23/1998
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