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IRC Lies (or AIM lies nowadays)

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IRC Lies (or AIM lies nowadays)
No, I am not busy talking to anyone else... my computer is just slow !! Oh, I didn't see you last night, something is wrong with my Buddy List! Oh, I didn't hear you come in, I've got my sound turned off! Oops! The web window is in front of my buddy list, didn't see you! MAN! I kept getting booted last night ... got so frustrated I signed off for the night SORRY THIS IS NOT WHO YOU THINK IT IS... I AM A FRIEND JUST USING THEIR COMPUTER. THEY ARE OUT RIGHT NOW, I WILL TELL THEM YOU ASKED FOR THEM No... I didn't fall asleep... I just don't type that fast So... not that I am that kind of guy... but what are your measurements if I may ask ??? I could stand to lose a couple of pounds... (meaning... I am fat! but you can't see me! neener neener neener!) You are NOT ugly... and if you send me your picture I will STILL talk to you... don't be silly" Yeah... I am not as blessed as some men... I only have 8 inches I can't talk right now, I'm busy writing email! Yes, I am married but my wife doesn't understand me I got an invite for a private chat, thought it was you When I got there, it was empty, so I waited, thinking you would show up NO, I'm not cybering with someone. I'm talking to my mom and sister in private !! I'm a model. I'm 38D, 5'8", 125 lbs, Blue Eyes, Long Blond Hair, Full lips, petite nose... Sorry I have no pics You sound like what I have been looking for We seem to have a lot in common I have never done this before Really, I haven't been with a woman before Stocky, but not fat I make over $50,000 a year I am a professional student I like walks in the park and romantic evenings I can only be online after midnight I've been too busy lately to spend much time online NO!!! I didn't cut you off, that damn AOL Booted me again!! I'm in a private room exchanging wavs with a friend... I was uploading and could only watch I'm out on the www, and didn't see you
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Entered on: 07/23/1998
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