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This is a real response that was forwarded to the NYTimes, CNN, Atlanta Newspapers and Television stations. Steven Langford is running for governor in Georgia. For more information on this, read the following article on the excellent online journal, The Case-Against. http://www.case-against.com/politics/spam.htm -- We have all received email messages proclaiming that "Targeted Email Marketing Works" that you too can make a million just by sending out email messages. heck you could even become governor just by sending email messages. Here's the News: Steve Langford is running for governor of Georgia. Steve Langford has been mislead. Have pity on him. he obviously knows nothing about the internet. Nothing about privacy. Nothing about marketing. Nothing about choosing people capable of making decisions for his campaign. I received this message from his organization. I did not ask to hear anything about his campaign. (I cannot vote for Steve. I live in California.)This mass-mailing is known as SPAM. Spam wastes internet resources, and an immense amount of time. I hope that my small investment of time will save others' later. I suppose that by sending this to you, I am now as guilty as he. The one difference is that I hand-picked the people to whom I am sending this message. You'll find this list of email addresses in the cc: field to be a relevant collection of media sources, government and law-enforcement officials. I sincerely apologize if I have wasted any of your time or precious email inbox space. I hope that you will see the value in this message as I do. The issue of SPAM has popped up now and then on NPR. I figured I would share my experiences with other people who may be interested in this matter. Please forward this message to anyone I omitted from the list. Steve, if I may address you directly, please use greater caution on your next foray onto the internet. But, of course, you probably won't be a public figure when that happens. Thank you. Chris Greacen Web Site Manager http://www.course.com/ -- Forwarded by Chris Greacen/CourseNotes/US on 07/16/98 02:30 PM -- To: cc: (bcc: Chris Greacen/CourseNotes/US) Subject: Steve Langford for Governor FOUR REASONS TO VOTE FOR STEVE LANGFORD HE IS PRO-BUSINESS Steve Langford is the only candidate for Governor who has paid the bills of a business and passed bills in the General Assembly. Langford Construction, his family business, was awarded the Family Business of the Year Award for 1995 by the Michael J. Coles School of Business at Kennesaw State University. Steve Langford was given a score of 92% by the National Federation of Independent Business (the only other Democratic candidate for Governor in the General Assembly got 67%). HE IS PRO-CHOICE Steve Langford opposes any government interference in your right to make decisions about reproductive health--and he has the voting record to prove it: - Voted against state-mandated lectures and forced waiting periods. - Voted against -- and took the Senate well to speak against -- Senate Bill 357, which would have banned certain abortion procedures. The Ohio version of this bill was recently ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. HE IS PRO-ENVIRONMENT Steve Langford's Senate Bill 500 is the bill that made the City of Atlanta pay fines for polluting the Chattahoochee--and finally got the city moving toward a solution to the persistent problems of Atlanta's water and sewer systems. Why does it matter? Each time it rains more than 1/10 inch, Atlanta sewers overflow into the Chattahoochee. Of course, if you live downstream of Atlanta, you already knew that. HE IS PRO-TAXPAYER Steve Langford introduced a bill in the 1998 General Assembly that would give you a rebate when the state has a surplus (if you owed $1,000 in Georgia income taxes last year, you would have gotten a $100 rebate on your taxes). No surplus? No rebate. Makes sense, doesn't it? LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE? VISIT STEVE LANGFORD'S WEBSITE AT www.steve-langford.org GOT SOMETHING TO SAY? E-MAIL STEVE LANGFORD AT stevelangford@mindspring.com THOSE YET TO ENTER THE COMPUTER AGE CAN CALL STEVE LANGFORD AT (770)984- 1998, OR WRITE HIM AT: FRIENDS OF STEVE LANGFORD 1955 LOWER ROSWELL ROAD, SUITE A MARIETTA, GA 30068
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Entered on: 07/17/1998
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