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Pre-caanan weekend retreat

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Pre-caanan weekend retreat
Subtitle: My Agnosticism is not in Jeopardy: A report from the Front Dear friends, As you might have heard, to get married in the mission in San Antonio, we had to go to a "wedding workshop" sponsored by the Catholic church. 9 ours total. Several couples spoke to us about various topics. Very little information was conveyed, and there was a persistent sense that one was being talked to as if one was a child. No useful information was imparted in 9 hours of blather. (By the way, of the people speaking to us there were: two accountents, two engineers, a priest, and someone involved in "communications workshops.") For example, here are some of the things I learned from the couple whose assigned topic was "Expectations": * Expectations exist * prayer helps * they're from texas * 50% of married couples today get divorced. The deeper impact of this statistic can be fully realized by having half the room stand up. * Steve was terminated. But he rose again, and became a cpa. * In crisis, prayer helps--but writing things down is also useful. * Football teaches us about life. It's a metaphor. We learn that, as in football, life too must be tackled. * Proper handshake technique (male) takes 20-30 minutes to teach (by an educator). * Unauthorized children's haircuts may provoke intense rage among women from rural texas. * Marriage is a "spiral." Lower expectations on certain portions of the "spiral" of life. This spiral will occasionally dip down (that's the kind of spiral it is) but eventually it will always head "up"; that's the nature of spirals. * This life is not about us--it's about God. This helps us to understand that a new car is not as important as a marriage. * Marriages stay together because God grants people the grace to stay together. Without God's help, couples would never make it. (How non-catholic couples stay together--luck?--was neither mentioned nor explained.) In a nutshell, that was our weekend. I will leave out the family planning method talk, which masquaraded as science but which turned out to be more of a preachy magic show. Long live the pill and all its dangerous side effects, I say. Today, more teaching. Actually, two more weeks to go. Take care, David
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Entered on: 07/03/1998
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