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Mad scientist and the Frog

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Mad scientist and the Frog
There once was this mad scientist. One day, being curious of the nature of frogs, he propped a frog up on his desk, opened his log book and carefully observed the animal. After staring at it for a considerable amount of time, the scientist finally said: "JUMP!" And the frog lept. The scientist then quickly jotted down in his log book: "Frogs can jump." The following day, the mad scientist entered his lab, checked his log book, put the frog up on the table and, again, stared at it. Finally, he took out a scalpel, removed one of the frog legs and said: "JUMP!" And the frog lept. The scientist quickly added to his log book: "Frogs can jump with three legs." The next day, the scientist, upon entering his lab, went through the same routine, cutting off another of the frog legs. As he was staring at the wretched animal who now was missing two legs, he said: "JUMP!" And the frog lept. The scientist then added to his previous observations: "Frogs can jump with two legs." On the fourth day, the scientist behaved according to his habits and removed a third leg from the frog. He then expectantly said: "JUMP!" And the frog lept. Well, by now, the scientist was quite excited about all this. He wrote down in his log book: "Frogs can jump with only one leg!" Finally, on the fifth day, the scientist entered his lab, all ready thrilled by what new discoveries he might make. As usual, he checked his log book, placed the frog on the table, stared at what was left of the animal, reached for his scalpel and removed the last of the frog legs. He then said: "JUMP!" But alas the frog did not leap. "JUMP! JUMP!" exclaimed the scientist. Still, the frog did not leap. "JUMP!" yelled the scientist. The frog did not leap. The scientist, a little disappointed, finally wrote down in his log book: "Frogs, when deprived of all legs, become deaf."
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Entered on: 06/24/1998
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