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A Collection of Weird Stories...

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A Collection of Weird Stories...
Associated Press, 09/04/97 02:53 KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (AP) - This burglar got caught with his pants not just down, but off. Police arrested Brant E. Kirk, 21, of Klamath Falls after finding his shorts and wallet in the front yard of a house that had been burglarized. According to Klamath County sheriff's reports, a man entered a home in his underwear early Monday and assaulted a man before fleeing the scene. The residents told deputies they did not know the intruder. Police found Kirk's shorts and wallet in the front yard. He was arrested several hours later near downtown Klamath Falls. Kirk was charged with burglary, assault and criminal mischief. BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. (AP) - Maybe he should have gotten that burger to go. Police in this Minneapolis suburb arrested a bank robbery suspect at a Wendy's restaurant next door to the bank, before he had a chance to bite into his cheeseburger combo meal. The man's lunchtime arrest Wednesday came less than 30 minutes after the holdup of the Firstar Bank. The suspect passed a bank employee a note demanding money and fled through a back door with an undisclosed amount. A police officer checking area businesses was told that someone had removed clothing matching a description of what the robber wore and left the garments in the men's bathroom at Wendy's. A customer pointed out the man, who was at the condiment counter. Police searched him and found cash that came from the bank. FBI agents carted away the loot in oversized Wendy's bags. WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) - Iowa's nifty new license plates are distinctive - - some a little more than others, thanks to a prank by prison inmates. Some of the handiwork of Anamosa State Penitentiary inmates has included dropping the ``C'' on Cass County license plates, leaving a word not popular with state Department of Transportation officials. A few Shelby County plates also were missing the first and last two letters. ``Rather than `Shelby,' it looked like `hell,''' said Jan Hardy of the DOT vehicle services office. The DOT warned motor vehicle offices across the state to check the plates in July after drivers and some county workers noticed the alterations. They said only a few of the 4 million newly issued plates appear to have been altered. Several inmates were disciplined when prison officials learned of the tampering, said Tom Stelzer, plant manager of Iowa Prison Industries in Anamosa. But there's not much more the DOT can do about quality control, said Dave McCullough, operations manager of the Black Hawk County motor vehicle division. ``You can't fire them,'' McCullough said. ``They're inmates.'' ROMEO, Mich. (AP) - Their single-engine plane stalled, clipped a tree, had its tail sheared off by an electrified fence and skidded upside down for 50 yards. But John St. Clair and Henry Kirst had bigger things to worry about, like getting to the Romeo Peach Festival's all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. Neither St. Clair, 82, of Shelby Township, nor Kirst, 71, of Mount Clemens, was hurt. But they were hungry. So after hanging upside down for a few seconds after the Sunday morning crash, they unbuckled their seat belts, got out of the wreckage and headed for breakfast. A passing motorist gave them a lift to the Romeo Airport, their original destination and scene of the breakfast spread. ``We figured, since were here ...'' Kirst told the Detroit Free Press in a story Wednesday. The men spoke with some of the 100 other people at the buffet. But neither mentioned the crash until they told airport manager Robert Brereton about it some 90 minutes after the fact. ``They're lucky men,'' said Brereton, who located the wreckage Tuesday by following the smell of airplane fuel to a cornfield several miles from the airport. ``I looked at that airplane and I said, `My goodness.'
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Entered on: 06/16/1998
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