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Stories related to the Beanies...

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Stories related to the Beanies...
This story reminds me of the other day when I was at the Au Bon Pain across the street in South Station, which is an Amtrak and commuter rail station. I waited 10 minutes to get a large vegetable soup and a bagel due one of the cashiers needing to walk the other one through a transaction. I chilled and didn't care, because there is little better to eat in the food court and also because I had waited so long anyway. Finally a manager comes along and calls out "Can I help whoever is next?". I was, so I stepped up to the counter and ordered. There was a tide of hungry, uptight, teeth suckers all around me and as I waited for my food stuff I began to look around at the horde. As my head turns this she-beast is saying "...blah blah blah, I don't know what's going on, but I know that I was before HIM " while gesturing with her beady eyes. I looked right at her and said " You most certainly and assuredly were not so don't say anything behind my back ". She was dazed and started mumbling apologies whose tone suggested that I should forgive her and understand that we were both captives of the poor customer service at this fast food establishment. Petty bitch. I once had an even funnier asshole customer experience at this very spot on Thanksgiving eve 2 years ago. The station was bustling with home bound holiday travelers and was getting busier with each passing second. I was with my friend Bill and while he went off to the lavoratory, I went to Au Bon Pain. I approached the same register as mentioned above and ordered. Then as now, the girl at the register had a problem with her machine. A manager came up and started helping her. In the midst of this, another server calls out to a pasty male WASP to my right. It appeared that they were out of the hot chicken for his SPECIAL sandwich. He was not happy and wanted his money back immediately. He approaches the manager and starts shoving the change from his purchase at her, demanding a 10 dollar bill back. She tells him that she'll give him the amount of the sale instead, but to hold on a minute while she fixes the register. Mr. White Rage stands back, fidgeting with visible agitation. Quickly he moves to the teeth sucking and mumbling not so discreetly under his breath about how he " ...couldn't believe this. My god, what kind of service is this...blah blah blah '. Although I am not a great patriot, I am not a consumer with a grudge against innocent minimum wagers. I am generally kind and over patient in these situations, especially on the eve of the largest American holiday when every overweight, starched collar suit and pampered college brat is trying to grab anything edible on the way to their bus or train. I look at the guy and say " You know, there really isn't any reason to be rude or disrespectful to these people ". His corpse like visage gets even more ghost like and he stammers out an " Excuse me ". " You heard what I said " I reply, " it's Thanksgiving eve and they really don't need someone abusing them for no reason ". He comes back with " Who do you think you are telling people how to act? Like you're right and know everything ". " No, it's just that as a member of society, we have a responsibility to treat one another with respect and consideration " I replied. This really set him off and he started talking about how he knew to treat a customer because he used to be a manger at McDonalds. At that point he got his change and started to walk off. He turned back and said sneeringly " Have a nice holiday ". " You Have nice holiday, too " I shot back with a truly loving smile. I have often laughed at the thought of this incident. The only thing I missed the chance to say was that he was probably the kind of manager everyone hated.
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Entered on: 06/05/1998
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