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The Top 15 Potential Problems With Cloning Humans

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The Top 15 Potential Problems With Cloning Humans
15> Harder than ever to land a role in those new Wrigley's commercials featuring the Doublemint Octuplets. 14> Two words: Gilbert Gottfried(s) 13> Any scientific advancement that stems from the result of Scottish people doing strange things to sheep is bound to have dire consequences. 12> In mere weeks, Bill Gates (v1.0, v1.2, v2.0, v3.0, v3.1 & v5.0) has all the money on the entire planet. 11> Hillary's husband discovers true multiple orgasms. 10> If you think there are too many idiots shouting "Show me the money!" on every occasion now, just wait. 9> Rush Limbaugh takes his self-affection to a whole new level, and suddenly is IN FAVOR of same-sex marriages. 8> "Penn & Penn & Teller & Teller & Teller & Penn & Penn & Teller & Penn" much harder to fit on comedy club marquee. 7> And you think it's hard to find your size now! 6> 18-month waiting list for George Clooney and Cindy Crawford clones. 5> "Alternative" radio filled with even more Nirvana clones. 4> And the final score: the New York Gretzkys - 408, the Pittsburgh Lemieuxs -99. 3> Can no longer count on the Grim Reaper to get Jesse Helms out of office. 2> Those apocalyptic words: "Ladies & Gentlemen: The John Tesh Philharmonic Orchestra!" and the Number 1 Potential Problem With Cloning Humans... 1> Seventeen Mark Fuhrmans, and suddenly OJ's defense doesn't seem quite as far-fetched.
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Entered on: 05/19/1998
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