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just step away from the terminal, mom

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just step away from the terminal, mom
I had a tech support nightmare this morning when my mother called. She thinks since I work in the computer industry I know everything there is to know about AOL, Microsoft Office, and Windows.1. I dont. She wanted me to install win95 during christmas but my brother stopped me after reminding me that I would be opening a can of UI worms, like "I cant find solitaire!" or "How do I change my screen saver?". Thank you brother! She usu calls me at work, asking me why are the AOL flash sessions not working, or that she cant print in Ariel font over 12. I try to help, but its my mom for chistsake! I know its my mom, and I love her to death, but within 5 min of trying to get her to open filemanger, I would rather bludgeoned her with the back of the mouse. Today is was she got some GPF when trying to run microsoft office. After 10 min of excruciating pain to confirm that her error was true, and not knowing what in the hell they did to screw it up, there was no other means other than a reinstall. Now trying to guide my mother through a 16 disk installation over the phone is a BAD IDEA. So my mother now has the great idea of actually paying for a cheap flight to have me come out there and fix it. Its cheaper than bringing it into a shop, and I get to see my son, she says. Ill have to remember to get a signed statement of work before I get on that plane.
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Entered on: 05/12/1998
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