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We've all been there. It's a brilliantly sunny Saturday in June. You, your friends and another several hundred thousand folks all get the same great idea: let's pile in the car, head on over [Image] to Six Flags, part with thirty-five bucks and [Image] check out that new coaster! Once inside the gate, you make a beeline towards the park's latest attraction, "The Spleen Shredder." And there you're greeted by that awful posted sign: "Waiting Time From This Point - hours." Do you shrug your shoulders and walk away? No! Of course not. You get on line and wait with all the other livestock. Why? Why do we spend all that money, give up all that time, just for a slender few moments of thrills? First, because it's a lot of fun. Kind-of-like-sex fun. Think about it: you wait those long hours while the anticipation builds. Your pulse quickens; the adrenaline flows. Then, finally, that intense physical and emotional release... You feel drained, happy, at peace. But it's more than just that. Rollercoasters afford a rare opportunity. We, as civilized members of society, are allowed, even expected, to scream our throats raw in a very public way (see accompanying photo). This outburst is an important catharsis. How many times have you wanted to just let go with an ear-piercing shriek standing by the water cooler at work? Or waiting on line at the post office? Or sitting politely at a family dinner? But you didn't, wisely, because it would have gotten you fired, arrested or disowned. Probably all three. But on a rollercoaster, all those social conceits vanish. You can holler, bellow, yelp, cry, screech, howl, let every last ounce of tension go. I know I sleep better, like a baby, really, after a long day of screaming. It keeps me sane, and I'm sure it works wonders for many others like me. It's primal scream therapy at sixty miles an hour. So, the next time you're feeling wound up, the weight of the world heavy on your soul, make tracks to your local coaster get over it the fastest way I know.
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Entered on: 05/07/1998
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