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German Lesson #7

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German Lesson #7
Dog: Barkenpantensniffer Dog Catcher: Barkenpantensniffersnatcher Dog Catcher's Truck: Barkenpantensniffersnatcherwagen Garage for Truck: Barkenpantensniffensnatcherwagenhaus Truck Repairman: Barkenpantensniffensnatcherwagen- mechanikerwerker Mechanic's Union: Barkenpantensniffensnatcherwagen- mechanikerwerkerfeatherbedden- gefixengruppe Doctor: Chestergethumpenpulsentooker Nurse: Chestergethumpenpulsentookerhelper Hypodermic Needle: Chestergethumpenpulsentooker- helperhurtensticker Backside: Chestergethumpenpulsentooker- helperhurtenstickerstabbenplatz Piano: Plinkenplankenplunkenbox Pianist: Plinkenplankenplunkenboxgepounder Piano Stool: Plinkenplankenplunkenboxgepounder- spinnenseat Piano Recital: Plinkenplankenplunkenboxgepounder- offengeshowenspelle Fathers at the Recital: Plinkenplankenplunkenboxgepounder- offengeshowenspellensnoozengruppe Mothers at the Recital: Plinkenplankenplunkenboxgepounder- offengeshowenspellensnoozen- gruppenuppenwakers Automobile: Honkenbrakenscreecher Gasoline: Honkenbrakenscreecherzoomerjuicen Driver: Honkenbrakenscreecherguidenschtunker Auto Mechanic: Honkenbrakenscreecherknockengepinger- sputtergefixer Repair Bill: Bankenrollergebustenuptottenliste
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Entered on: 03/17/1998
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