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Philosophic Anecdotes

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Philosophic Anecdotes
An Oxford philosopher was giving a lecture on the philosophy of language at Columbia University, and came to a curious aspect of the English language. "You will note," said the stuffy Oxford scholar, "that in the English language, two negatives can mean a positive, but never is it the case that two positives can mean a negative." To which someone in the back responded, "yeah, yeah." This husband and wife who were prominent Oxford philosophers- Peter Geach and Elizabeth Anscombe- and Roman Catholics, i.e., had a dozen or so kids. One day, someone calling for Prof. Elizabeth Anscombe, the wife of Peter Geach, asks one of the little kids, "Hi, may I speak to Mrs. Geach." The young kid, being both a victim of being British and the son of Oxford philosophers, responds, "I'm sorry, but Mr. Geach is not presently here, and Mrs. Geach doesn't exist."
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Entered on: 04/25/1998
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