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Jesus is watching you...

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Jesus is watching you...
A burglar breaks into a house at night. As he quietly creeps across the floor he suddenly hears a voice, "Jesus is watching you!". He stops dead still and listens, but he doesn't hear anything. He shines his flashlight around the room and he doesn't see anyone. He takes another step. Again he hears "You better be careful, Jesus is watching you!" Again he stops and remains still. Nothing. He takes another step.. "Oh ho, you're in trouble now. Jesus is watching you!" He shines his flashlight around the room again. This time in the upper corner of the room he sees a parrot on a perch. The parrot says, "I told you to be careful, Jesus is watching you!" He goes up to the parrot and shines his light in its face. "Who are you?", he asks. "Fishbowl" the parrot replies. "What fool would name their parrot fishbowl?" he asks the parrot. "The same fool that named his killer rotteweiler Jesus" the parrot answers.
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Entered on: 04/25/1998
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