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RealAroma(R) introduces a whole new dimension to the man/machine interface game. The dimension of smell. With the RealAroma Drive(TM), and RATML(SM) (Real Aroma Text Markup Language) you can share smells in real time, over the Internet, with olfactory buddies all over the globe. Because all smell conversion is done locally in the RealAroma Drive(C) itself, bandwidth requirements are extremely low and even users of embarassing 14.4k baud modems can enjoy the odors you concoct. This all seems so futuristic and fantastical? It is, but the fantastic future has arrived. Our patented-Vile(TM) System allows us to precisely control the amount and "flavor" of each and every smell. And because it's digital, you can sniff your favorite smell anytime with the click of a mouse. Teamed up with the RATML protocol, you can now communicate with smell, just as you do with words, pitures and sounds. Here are some of the features: Long-Lasting, "no residue" Formula Modern Design SCSI Interface Firewall Support Open Architecture
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Entered on: 04/21/1998
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