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The Blenderphone Combination blender and telephone by Tom Myers, Art/Not Practical C 1996. Blenderphone photo by Helge Pedersen (one of his best) It's a combination blender and telephone. It's fully functional as a telephone or blender, but a little more difficult to use. Certainly more difficult to understand. WHY? is the most FAQ. It's for people who like to hear: "Where in the **** did you get this?" If you're looking for a sensible, mass-produced, space-saving combinational appliance, you're in good hands at Sears. If you want your friends to think you're insane, but quote you like God anyway, this is the appliance for YOU! The "ringer" is the blender motor,which pulses like a telephone bell, except angrier. To answer, pick up the pitcher out of the base and put it to your ear. Usually, the caller can hear the motor spinning down just after you pick it up. To hang up, replace the pitcher in the base, just like any old telephone. Each blenderphone is hand-made starting from a standard blender and standard telephone, with a smattering of electronic parts and handmade internal linkages. Painstaking detail work hides its custom origin so it looks and works like it came "off the shelf" of some department store. There is a switch to turn off the "ringer", in case it is used in the bedroom. -------------------------------------------------------------------- "What's the story behind this thing?" -------------------------------------------------------------------- For ordering info, see the FAQ page. To e-mail the blendmaster. (FAQ page). For an honest living, the blendmaster manufactures bicycle and M/C stuff. Check theCycoActive webpage. -------------------------------------------------------------------- This page has been accessed times since 8/23/96. -------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a new website (5/20/96) )1996 Art/Not Practical. (8/30/96) Any suggestions, comments or links? Please contact us by e-mail.
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Entered on: 04/21/1998
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