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The frog and the hamster

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The frog and the hamster
Joe: Hey, bartender, I'm all out of cash. But if I show you something truly amazing, will you give me a free beer? Barman: You know, everybody asks me that, and I've seen it all. But you're certainly welcome to try me. Joe: (Takes a frog and a tiny piano from his pocket, sets them on the bar. The frog begins to play the piano beautifully and with much skill) Barman: Shit, Joe, that's pretty amazing. Here's your beer. (minutes pass, Joe finishes the beer, the frog keeps playing) Joe: Barman, I could use some more beer. If I show you something even more amazing, can I drink for free all night? Barman: You're pushing it, Joe. This had better be good! Joe: (Takes a hamster from his pocket, sets it next to the piano, and it begins to sing a tune along with the frog and piano!) Barman: Damn, Joe, that's a hell of a show. Sure, you can drink for free. All you gotta do is ask. (A third man, Bob, saw all this and moves next to Joe) Bob: Say, Joe, I'll give you fifty bucks for that there hamster! Joe: Sure, put up the cash. Bob: (Pays Joe) Thanks, man! (leaves) Barman: Joe, you just sold a priceless hamster for fifty bucks. You could have a lifetime of free beer with that thing! Joe: Nah, don't sweat it. The frog's a ventriloquist!
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Entered on: 04/21/1998
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