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Guidelines for Voice Mail Greetings

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Guidelines for Voice Mail Greetings
Clearly identify your name and department so that the caller is certain whom they have reached. Eh...... you've reached (mumble your name) in (muble department) at (mumble company). Let the caller know that although you are not able to speak with them, their call is important. I could speak with you now, but I just dont want to, but if you really really want to, I guess you can leave a message. Help educate frequent callers on how to use our voice mail system. Let callers know they can skip your greeting. You can skip this whole thing and save my time by just hanging up and calling again. Use your greeting effectively! Change your message if you are going to be out of the office for more than one day. Let calls know whom they may speak to in your absense. When recording an extended absence greeting it should be brief but informative. Ill be out of the office tomarrow until I decide to come back, and its too bad because no one else except me can help you. Offer the caller alternatives to leaving a message. Give the directions on how the caller can transfer to the operator. You can talk to the operator by hanging up, wait for the dial tone and punch 0. Leave the caller with the feeling that he or she is in control. If you want to speak with my manager, call back and ask for Amanda Huggenkiss. Or tell them you want to get a hold of Mike Rotch or that your looking for a Hugh Jass.
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Entered on: 04/20/1998
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