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Boston Translator

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Boston Translator
Pete Sir = Most say pizza Otch = A tourist attraction in St. Louis Cotton = You buy milk in it (carton) Seen Ya = Last year of school Holly = An excellent motorcycle Budded Con = Corn on the cob with butter Bonnie = A purple dinosaur you probably detest Ah = Letter between q and s He Has A Cap On = He has a fish on his head Lodge = Opposite of small (large) Bulkie = Sandwich bun Bah Rum = Bar room Wicked Boah = A not-so-interesting person Southie = Someone from South Boston Ba Ba = He cuts your hair Bub Bluh = Water fountain to most Awed = Opposite of even Ann Tenor = Transmits radio waves to your car Khakis = Start your car with them Pita is a Cheetah = Peter cheated on this test Spa = Ma and Pa convenience store Seltz = Our basketball team Directional = Car's blinkers The Hub = The world revolves around here Had = Opposite of soft Tea Potty = Precursor to American Revolution Clabbids = Wood boards that cover many houses here Lemon Stir = Leominster, Mass Low Gin = Logan Airport Match = Month between Feb and April Foddy Doll Us = $39.99 plus one cent How Ah Ya? = Boston Greeting Have Id = Our famous University Hoodsie = Small cup of ice cream Wicked Spooney = Something very cool Pots = Pieces to your kids toys Packy = Buy liquor or 6 pack there Boy Gawd = By God Frappe = Milkshake to most Had Licka = Gets you drunk fast Spooky = Italian sub sandwich (from spucadella)
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Entered on: 04/16/1998
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