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id AA27475; Tue, 21 May 96 14:12:58 EDT by mudhoney.cal.centerline.com ( id AA00422; Tue, 21 May 1996 11:11:53 -0700 <9605211811.AA00422@mudhoney.cal.centerline.com> To: ron-l@centerline.com Subject: Mai and Ron's Vacation Itinerary - 5/24 to 6/2/96 Date: Tue, 21 May 1996 11:11:52 -0700 From: Ron Levasseur <> Content-Type: text Content-Length: 2027 I'm gonna be heading out to New Mexico today to do a 2-day training course for our product, CodeCenter. After that, I'm off to vacation on the east coast... Hope to see you there! Is there anything cool going on when I get to your neck of the woods? If you send me email, I will be able to read it once I'm in the Boston area. See you soon! Ron __________________________________________________________________ CenterLine Software, Inc. Field Sales Engineer Support Email : support@centerline.com Email: Automated Help: help@centerline.com Phone: 415.943.2117 Support Phone : 617.498.3100 Fax : 415.943.2050 WWW: http://www.centerline.com/ Give me ambiguity or give me something else. =;^) =8^) =8^D =8^P =;^@ =8^@ =:^o =;^) =8^) =8^D =8^P =;^@ =8^@ Mai and Ron's Vacation Itinerary - 5/24 to 6/2/96 Fri 5/24- fly from SFO to Baltimore, MD rent a car (Hertz?) get there around 11:30 pm sleep at hotel Sat 5/25- drive (45 mins) up to DC for lunch with Bill at White House see smithsonian, vietnam thingy, lincoln, etc. stay on Mike Calhoun's sofa in Baltimore Sun 5/26- Memorial Day FESTIVAL! in Baltimore drive (3 hrs) to Princeton NJ (Kiki's) for evening Mon 5/27- drive to Hoboken/NYC to hang out in the big city back to Kiki's for sleep Tue 5/28- drive (1 hr) to Hoboken/NYC Mai wants to go to the MOMA all day. drive (4-5 hrs) to Cape Cod for late evening stay at hotel Wed 5/29- hang in da cape drive (2 hrs) up to Jamaica Plains (James' place) for evening Thr 5/30- show Mai Boston/Cambridge area Fri 5/31- more Boston during the day drive (1 1/2 hrs) up to Goffstown NH for evening stay w/parents Sat 6/1 - chill in NH meet Ron's relatives Sun 6/2 - drive to Logan for 7am flight fly (6 hrs) to arrive around 10am, back home around 12pm
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Entered on: 06/06/1998
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