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id AA16805; Fri, 7 Jun 96 20:48:29 EDT by mudhoney.cal.centerline.com ( id AA03915; Fri, 7 Jun 1996 17:47:11 -0700 <9606080047.AA03915@mudhoney.cal.centerline.com> To: ron-l@centerline.com Subject: Newsflash from Ron Developer Date: Fri, 07 Jun 1996 17:47:10 -0700 From: Ron Levasseur <> Content-Type: text Content-Length: 2297 Hey, It was great seeing many of my great friends on my recent trip back east. Mai thought all you guys were cool, well except for... :) I had a great time seeing everyone, especially the mighty Oonagh! Special thanks go out to Mike, Kiki and James who let Mai and I crash at their pads. If I didn't catch you on this last whirlwind tour, I will probably be back out east again this summer... I got some cool news about a new job today. I will be moving into software development here at CenterLine over the next couple months. I will be working on our QC/Advantage(tm) test management system. Finally, my ultimate goal in college of becoming of programmer is soon to be realized. Starting on July 1, I will be officially on development 50% of the time as I transition from my current role of Field Sales Engineer. If you are at all interested in what I will be working on, check out CenterLine's home page: http://www.centerline.com If that's not enough, my brother Paul is moving to the Bay Area soon. He'll be here on Monday to start his new job at a company which does training primarily for Cisco Systems (a computer network company). My band once again has changed its name. We are now calling ourselves FIREFLY. Does anyone have any objections? Too bad, we're not changing it again! In case you didn't know, we just played our first show on Sun May 19 over at our friend Craig's place. I think we rocked! I believe we have our first club show coming up sometime in July. In the meantime, we've got to make ourselves a decent demo tape. On the home front, everything is going great. During the course of our vacation, our cats Kilo and Latte have become lovers! My take is that they needed some time alone to work their differences out. Have a great weekend everyone! Ron __________________________________________________________________ CenterLine Software, Inc. Software Dude Support Email : support@centerline.com Email: Automated Help: help@centerline.com Phone: 415.943.2117 Support Phone : 617.498.3100 Fax : 415.943.2050 WWW: http://www.centerline.com/ Give me ambiguity or give me something else. =;^) =8^) =8^D =8^P =;^@ =8^@ =:^o =;^) =8^) =8^D =8^P =;^@ =8^@
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Entered on: 06/06/1998
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