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PEZ Museum

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PEZ Museum
What Everyone is Saying About the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia [Image]Bay Area Backroads--(Aired 9/29/96) "Inside a South Bay computer store, a one-of-a-kind museum exists to honor a symbol of American childhood: Pez, the quirky plastic statues that spit candy from their necks. Pez has fascinated and fed Americans for generations. "What could be more perfect than a toy that gives you candy?" says museum curator Gary Doss. " (...more) [Image]KGO-TV Channel 7--(Aired/4/96) "The Bay Area as a center of culture. We have some of the great museums of the world. In most cases, you've already heard about them. But as Channel 7's Wayne Freeman shows us tonight, there is one that continues to remain fairly obscure." (...more) [Image]KRON-TV Channel 4--(Aired/5/96) "The Bay Area boasts a plethera of museums all filled with semi priceless works of art. So many museums in fact that it seems there is something for everybody. Tonight our Contact 4 consumer reporter Emerald Yea tells us about a recent addition to the cultural scene that looks back at the way we were." (...more) [Image]ABC-TV--(Aired/22/96) "As Baby Boomers reach middle age, many of the things they grew up with have become museum pieces. For example,(Barbie Dolls, Comic Strips, and)a unique collection of hot heads at the Pez Museum in Burlingame California, just south of San Francisco. There are hundreds of dispensers on display. (...more) [Image]by Benjamin Pimentel. (3//96)--"Gary Doss' passion for Pez is best explained by a flyer displayed at the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia - 'You don't have to be a kid to get a kick out of Pez, because you never out-grow your taste for fun.' (...more) [Image]by Michelle Nolan. (2//96)--"So much popular culture has been demystified in the past 0 or 20 years, it's hard to find a hobby with a little intrigue left. PEZ collecting, however, retains an element of excitement and mystery all its own. PEZ, you say? (...more) [Image]by Sue Hutchison. (5/22/95) "Last week, I made a pilgrimage to Gary Doss' museum in Burlingame. Unfortunately, when I arrived, electricity was out. But the darkness turned out to be an enhancement. Gary shone a high-beam flashlight over each piece in his collection." (...more) [Image]by Diana Marszalek. (2/3/96) "In the opinion of Gary Doss, PEZ candies and their cartoon-crowned dispensers have secured a spot in American pop culture for one simple reason: People eat 'em up. "It's a toy that dispenses candy,"Doss said. "What could be more happy than that?"' (...more) [Image]by Warren Lutz. (5/7/95) "Should world tensions escalate, nuclear weapons spray across the globe and life cease to exist as we know it, it is certain one bit of Americana is going to make it through. PEZ. "Kids still enjoy them. You still see them in stores, and adults still find them nostalgic," (...more)
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Entered on: 05/07/1998
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