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. from id AA08571; Mon, 2 Dec 96 09:25:57 EST by (IBM OS/2 SENDMAIL VERSION 1.3.2)/1.0) id AA9602; Mon, 02 Dec 96 10:32:17 -0800 from CourseNotes with "Lotus Notes Mail Gateway for SMTP" id 79DA48E2C4848E24852563F4004EDDC4; Mon, 2 Dec 96 10:32:16 <.> <9612021832.AA9602@> To: ron-l , murphy , James Valente , Betsy McGowan/CourseNotes/US , Kerry McGowan From: Chris Greacen/CourseNotes/US <.> Date: 2 Dec 96 9:23:18 EDT Subject: lost perspective: honorable mention. Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: Text/Plain Content-Length: 911 Thanks, Lyle. ----- Begin NetScrap(TM) ----- I love pointcast:----> Boxer Says He'll Shoot Himself if he Loses November 27, 1996, 12:56 PM EST LONDON (Reuter) -- Boxer Bruce Scott says he will shoot himself if he loses his next bout. ``I'm serious,'' Scott said before Saturday's Commonwealth light-heavyweight title fight against British champion Nicky Piper. ``I'm in England on a mission and if I don't win I swear to God I'll shoot myself.'' Scott, who has won all 18 of his bouts since losing his professional debut, says this fight is his ``only chance'' to make money for his family. Piper has less drastic plans if he loses. ``I'll retire,'' he said. ``I'm not interested in going on like some do when it's not necessary.'' ¸ Reuters Ltd. All rights reserved. Additional sources of information Tell Me More - From Infoseek ----- End NetScrap(TM) -----
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Entered on: 05/03/1998
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