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Surfing on Easter Sunday

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Surfing on Easter Sunday
  • [16:22] surfer1: sigh
  • [16:25] surfer2: log today, fish on easter sunday?
  • [16:25] surfer2: I mean log tomorrow...
  • [16:25] surfer1: hmm
  • [16:25] surfer2: wasn't jesus a fisher of men?
  • [16:25] surfer1: I'd like to, BUT I think it'll be crowded
  • [16:25] surfer1: scared of dings
  • [16:25] surfer2: isn't the fish the most christian of surfboards?
  • [16:25] surfer1: thinking log tomorrow, log sunday, fish monday
  • [16:25] surfer2: or is it the log?
  • [16:25] surfer1: it is, people sign them with a jesus fish sign
  • [16:26] surfer1: heh jesus WAS a carpenter
  • [16:26] surfer2: because the cross was made of logs
  • [16:26] surfer1: I think that's a kookbox

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Entered on: 03/28/2013
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