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Blert, A Zeen

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Blert, A Zeen
One of the things I like about watching facebook and twitter statuses is how conversations seem to occasionally overlap. At the risk of looking like a chat-and-tell blogger, I offer you another brief chat transcript. In this case, a friend told me that his last blert shirt recently reached the threadbare stage. blert, a zeen A few friends from way back decided to get a big batch of these shirts to promote a really cool magazine they were planning. The shirts proudly declare, "blert a zeen." The magazine didn't stick around too long, the band resurrected the name for a while, but these shirts have made their way all around my circle of friends and family. I passed kudos back to the graphic designer who designed the shirt and was half of the genius duo behind this early incarnation of the blert lifestyle.
    CG: welp, I just wanted to pass that tidbit along in case your ears were ringing a few days back. about the blert shirts. JM: i don't think they were. do you need the artwork? CG: you still have anything from that? Maybe this is a job for cafepress... JM: (i still am not entirely sure what this thread is about.) lol. i doubt i've ever thrown a design away in my life CG: well that's your design, right? yeah. JM: yeah. i'm a designer, you never throw away artwork CG: So it's a classic by now... 15 years on or something? still relevant. people are still talking about it. JM: it's sacrilege, you just get a bigger hard drive and pray the formats are backward compatible CG: lol. well if you dig something up, ping me, transfer and I'll put it up on cafepress. JM: it's a classic design. actually, it doesn't feel dated. except a zeen is kinda an irrelevant concept now. CG: totally. blert, a blog JM: lol CG: blert a tweet. A tumblertog JM: i'll have to wear one of my shirts tomorrow. just cause now CG: I'll do it too and snap a pic.

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Entered on: 12/03/2008
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